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Address, phone, working hours

Obec Oravský Biely Potok
027 42 Oravský Biely Potok 132

Phone: 043/ 5395 411

Fax: 043/ 5321 800


Mayor:  Ing. Jozef Hamaň

Working hours
Monday7,00 - 15,00
Tuesday7,00 - 15,00
Wednesday7,00 - 15,00
Thursday7,00 - 15,00
Friday7,00 - 15,00

Community and its competencies

Village powers and terms of reference
The village is required to perform its self-governing functions defined according to act no. 369/1990 Statute book of municipality establishment as subsequently amended in particular by article 4 section 3, and according to other special acts and generally binding legal regulations.
The village independently makes decisions and carries out all activities related to village government and its property, independently provides all tasks concluded from its self-governing operation specified by special act, as long as such activities specified by special act are not performed by the state or authorized natural person or legal person.
Village authority bodies are the Local Council and the Mayor.
The village runs the nursery school and the school canteen.

Village property
Village property is created by all movable and immovable property owned by the village, receivables and other property rights of the village. The village property extent is drawn from special legal laws (e.g. SNR act no. 138/1991 Statute book of village property as subsequently amended.
Further details regarding management and use of village property are regulated by „ The principles of property management of village Oravský Biely Potok“, which are approved by the Local board (provision of article 9, act SNR no. 138/1991 Statute book of village property as amended).

Funding                                                                                                                                    The village is funding its activities and requirements with its own income, state subsidy or other sources in accordance with legal laws. The village can finance its activities when fullfilling village objectives also with financial resources of the villages, towns, districts and counties, and other legal and natural persons. The village is allowed to finance its requirements also with off-budget money funds, business activities profit, returnable financial resource and comprehensive means.
The village can be given subsidy from the state budget of the Slovak republic. The extent of special-purpose and non special-purpose grants is regulated within a calendar year by budget rules of the Slovak republic.  

The basis of the village financial management is a budget drawn up in accordance with valid laws and approved by the Local board. The Local board approves any budget amendments, monitors the usage of budgeted financial means and approves the final village accounts. The budget includes revenue and expenditure.
Before approval, the village budget and its final accounts have to be opened to the public for at least 15 days on the village notice board so that inhabitants can give their opinion (provision of article  9, 2nd paragraph of act no. 369/1990).
The accounting books regarding village property, profit, revenue and expenses, financial relations to state budget are managed by the Municipal authority.
Village economic results, including financial funds results are included in the final village accounts, which is approved by the Local board. The annual financial statement is verified by an auditor (provision of article  9, 4th paragraph of act no. 369/1990).

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